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Welcome to Cruse Oxfordshire - part of the National Charity, Cruse Bereavement Care. We are here to help anyone in Oxfordshire, to deal with the pain of grief.
Our main aim is to restore hope to the bereaved.

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Who we are


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Cruse Oxfordshire is part of a national bereavement charity.

Staffed almost entirely by volunteers, Cruse was launched to meet the needs of those suffering from the effects of grief caused by death.

In 2009 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of Cruse Bereavement Care (patron H.M. Queen).


Are you finding it hard to deal with all the feelings created by bereavement?

Would you like to talk, in total confidence, to a professionally trained supporter who is there to listen to you?

Would you like to meet other people who have been in similar situations?



Oxford Cruse continues to exist because of the support from ordinary people, just like you. Unlike most charities, Oxford Cruse offers a service that we may all need at some point in our life.

We are lucky to have the support of many volunteers, but we still need vital funds to deliver our service to people struggling with the affects of bereavement.

Every penny makes a difference and you can now donate at a click of a button here!

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