Why are we called 'Cruse'?

We are often asked about our name, which was chosen by the founder of the charity, Margaret Torrie.  After her own experience of widowhood she responded to the needs of other women, bereaved of their husbands, by setting up Cruse.

The name CRUSE came from a story in the Bible about a widow and her ‘cruse’, or jar of oil which never ran out - thus signifying that support would be given for as long as it was needed.  However, it must be stressed that despite the derivation of the name, Cruse is a non-religious organisation and welcomes people of all beliefs and none.

Since the setting up of the charity its scope has grown and it now gives support to anyone who is bereaved.

How big is Cruse?

Cruse is the leading charity in the U.K. specialising in bereavement.  Founded in 1959, the national charity currently has 134 branches and more than 6,000 volunteers throughout the U.K. Over 80,000 people contact Cruse each year for help and information.

The head office of Cruse Bereavement Care is in Richmond Surrey. All around the country there are satellite offices – grouped into areas and branches – that are responsible for their own funding and organisation (with guidance from head office.)

Is there a contact in Oxfordshire?

Yes - You have found the website of Cruse Oxfordshire. The area covered by Cruse Oxfordshire extends across the whole of this huge county and we have a core of more than 70 volunteers professionally trained to support the bereaved.

How does Cruse Oxfordshire work?

  • We offer one-to-one counselling sessions, therapeutic groups and friendship groups to people, trying to come to terms with the death of others.
  • Cruse Oxfordshire works independently to give everyone, regardless of their situation or beliefs, unlimited time to face their problems.

There is no formal charge for our service, staffed by professionally trained volunteers, however we do rely on donations. In the year 2012-2013 Cruse Oxfordshire had over 800 new enquiries and 345 of these people, were seen by a Bereavement Support Volunteer. Our volunteers gave over 11,000 hours of their time to supporting bereaved people. Cruse Oxfordshire follows the highest standards of counselling prescribed by our national head office and is an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

If you are seen by a Bereavement support Volunteer (BSV) he/she will be supervised to monitor their work with you. Any of your recorded details are stored to ensure totally confidentiality.

Does Cruse charge for its services?

You do not have to pay to talk to someone from Cruse but Cruse is only able to offer its services freely due to the generosity of individuals and grant-making bodies. Donations are always gratefully received.

For further information about Cruse visit www.cruse.org.uk